Madrid by Florian Wehde

GDPR Compliance - Theories, Techniques, Tools

Workshop of

ETSI Minas y Energìa School,
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

11 December 2019


Welcome to GDPR@Jurix 2019...



The GDPR workshop will take place on 11 December 2019 as a workshop of 32nd International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems (Jurix 2019) at the ETSI Minas y Energìa School,Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

Whether it is merited or not, the GDPR is receiving a lot of attention, from media through to academia, with the rights of individuals, the requirements it puts on businesses, and the compliance of business processes, leading to much debate. This exposure, as much as GDPR‘s role in commercial activities, makes it worthy of focussed attention by the JURIX community, while the fallout from and practice of the activities proposed below may be applicable to other forms of legislation, helping to contribute to the wider conversation around the application of legal reasoning in practice. Our motivation is to create a forum for short-term intensive interaction by members of the JURIX community, using what we believe are novel approaches in this setting.

The notion of human-centred AI is a major EU policy theme, as evidenced by activities such as the High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence and its work on trustworthy AI at one end of the scale and the General Data Protection Regulation at another. Attitudes to privacy vary widely around the globe, from a strong individual orientation, through data as a business commodity, to state oversight of citizens. The complexity, and the far-reaching nature of GDPR across jurisdictions as well as the need, at least for EU-based actors, to be able to demonstrate compliance, raises a raft of technical questions for policy-makers and business processes that demand answers of legal knowledge systems. The purpose of this workshop is to bring researchers together to present approaches to tackling GDPR-related problems and to discuss selected challenges arising from GDPR.

The workshop will be organised in a manner that enables researchers to provide challenges and potential solutions with respect to use case scenarios relating to GDPR compliance. Participation can take many forms: submitting solutions to use case challenges, submitting use case challenges, working on the use cases challenges during the workshop or participating in the discussion on these challenges and corresponding solutions.